Dear Eleon Garros 2018-19 participant,

Due to the prolonged rain and generally adverse weather conditions this winter, the first phase of our ladder tournament is extended until the end of April 2019. Hence last challenge can be accepted by 25/04/19 11:59 pm.

Enjoy the ride further on!

The organizing committee


Tennis is a sport encouraging sportsmanship, discipline, control and most of all it’s stress reducer!

With all these in mind ‘Tennis4All’ was born in 2006 by a small group of adults that wanted to mix the tennis excitement with social interaction and fun. Few years later our vision for a friendly and vibrant club that would welcome players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds became a reality.

We are proud to host in our ‘Eleon Garros’ series, ladder tournaments, singles, doubles, mixed doubles and anything else that would be of interest!

And last but not least at the end of each tournament, the Grand Final is succeeded by a huge party!